KBI 310087 Ping Rule With Wait And Try Again Always Saves Latency


Up to and including Argent Guardian 8.0A-0707-D


11 Feb 2008


Ping rule with ‘Wait And Try Again’ always saves latency.

Technical Background

A Ping Rule in the Argent Guardian can be configured to ‘Wait And Try Again‘ as follows:

In this case, the customer wants to save SLA but not latency information to the Argent Predictor.

This is important, because the servers of interest are on a LAN where the latency (or “System Response Time”) is consistently low and not of interest to reporting.

Executing a Relator with this rule results in the System Response Time rows being saved in the Argent Predictor:

This is an issue when there is a large rate of rule executions.

The System Alive data is recorded only every 30 minutes in the successful case, but the System Response Time by its nature is recorded every rule execution.

If the Relator is configured to poll every minute, this results in 30 times the expected the Argent Predictor database storage.


An issue report has been logged and this will be resolved in a future release.

If the volume of the Argent Predictor data logged as a result of this rule configuration is excessive, it can be trimmed in a daily SQL maintenance task such as:


WHERE (master_key IN

( SELECT idcounter


WHERE object = ‘Service Level Agreement’


counter = ‘System Response Time’


instance IN (‘machine1’, ‘machine2’, ‘machine3’)))

See the article What Argent Housekeeping Is There? For instructions on how to automate the execution of this SQL statement.