KBI 310090 The Argent Queue Engine For HP-UX


Argent Job Scheduler 7.0A-0710-B


24 Jan 2008


While using the Argent Job Scheduler 7.0A-0710-B in conjunction with the Argent Queue Engine for HP-UX 5.0A-0607 the Queue Engine and its queues are displayed correctly in the Argent Job Scheduler interface but no jobs can be submitted.

Technical Background

The Argent Queue Engine for HP-UX 5.0A-0607 does not to work correctly when used with the Argent Job Scheduler 7.0A-0710-B.

Queues and Jobs can be created/submitted only when done manually using CLI on the HP-UX machine.

The created Queues are also visible within the Argent Job Scheduler GUI but cannot be used to submit any Jobs.

The error log indicates that no valid Queue could be found.

The logfiles, licensing details and the current status for the Argent Queue Engine can be seen from within the GUI.

This limits the issue to the actual submission of any Job.


This issue is solved when upgrading the Argent Job Scheduler to version 7.0A-0710-T1 or later.