KBI 310093 The Argent Sentry Inadvertently Follows PHP Hrefs


Up to and including Argent Sentry 8.0A-0707-D


27 Sep 2007


The Argent Sentry inadvertently follows PHP Hrefs

Technical Background

The Argent Sentry “Web Site Response Time Rules” allow the checking of a single web page for particular text content.

The rule definitions do not have any parameters to influence which pages are retrieved.

The intention is that only the root page is retrieved, and this is true in most cases.

Target pages may contain href links to a PHP, such as the following:

<html> <body>

          <p>Let’s have a <a href=”http://localhost/bogus.php”>link </a>. </p>

      </body> </html>

Internet Explorer does not follow such links unless the user explicitly clicks upon them.

The Argent Sentry attempts to follow the link, and causes the Web Site Response Time rule to be broken
if it cannot (test result edited for legibility):

Rule Testing Trace Logs:

28 Sep 2007 12:27:43.089

ARGENT-JOEC2 JOEC Executing Web Response Time Rule RSP_WA_LOCALTEST

 – Executing Web Response Time Rule RSP_WA_LOCALTEST

ARGENT-JOEC2 JOEC URL: http://localhost/

 – URL: http://localhost/

 – (OK) http://localhost/

ARGENT-JOEC2 JOEC Unable to access http://localhost/

http://localhost/bogus.php (Error Code: 404)

URL Inaccessible

Download Time of URL (http://localhost/) = 0.00

This behavior is not seen on other link types (.txt, .html).


An Issue Report has been submitted, and this will be resolved in a future release.