KBI 310097 Argent Extended Technology Not Working Under German Windows


Argent Console 8.0A-0801


8 Apr 2008


The Argent Extended Technology product appears to not work properly under German Windows Operating Systems. The issue is caused by a difference in how the local administrators group is presented in German. The workaround is to customize the ‘security.xml‘ file for each installed product to point to the correct “Built-in Administrator


Technical Background

By default, the Argent Extended Technology uses the Windows built-in Administrator account for all administrative functions (License Manager, Security Manager, etc.), however, this account is presented not as Administrator, but rather as “VORDEFINIERT\Administratoren” in German versions of the Windows Operating System.

Customers in the DACH Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) may install the product but not be able to use it effectively, leading to an incorrect perception that the product does not function on German versions of



The embedded ZIP file contains custom ‘security.xml‘ files for each of the Argent Extended Technology product. The relevant change is as follows:



Required for German Windows:


Click here to download the zip file