KBI 310177 Monitoring Engine Offline Alerts For Removed Monitoring Engines


Argent Extended Technology – All Versions


13 January 2010


A customer may report that a System Alert configured to alert when a Monitoring Engine is offline (screen G2B, Administration (under any product) -> Main Engine -> Alert tab), fires continuously for a Monitoring Engine that appears to be removed and deleted from the main engine GUI.

Technical Background



This occurs due to a variety of reasons:

  1. Locked LVF file: Do a folder wide search for any file named <REMOVED SERVER HOSTNAME>.LVF. If found delete that file.
  2. Ensure the Monitoring Engine has been deleted from the Monitoring Engine list (under Administration).
  3. Check Timezone Settings: There are times when users will configure Relators to execute according to the local timezone of the monitored servers. For this, each monitored server is configured to follow timing info from another Supervising or Monitoring engine in that segment. If this setting points to a decommissioned server, then the System Alert will trigger since the time cannot be read from that server.

    This timezone setting can be accessed as follows:

    • Go to – Administration -> License Manager – Licensed Server (tab)
    • Right Click and click “Select all Products”Locate and select the servers that were being monitored by the server for which the system alert is being fired. This server will be in the same timezone/segment as the deleted monitoring engine.
    • Right Click and select “Properties”
    • Select the Timezone tab. You will find that this dialog box references the old monitoring engine. Clear this entry or replace with the relevant monitoring engine hostname.