KBI 310231 Unable To Start The GUI On A Daughter Engine Due To Ordinal Not Found’.


Argent Extended Technology Version – 8.0A 1010C


20 Oct 2010


Unable to load GUI on a Daughter Engine or Backup Engine due to a DLL error.

Technical Background

Communication from the Mother Engine to either the Daughter Engine or Backup Engine remain in sync however the GUI is unable to load due to the following error: “The ordinal 9 could not be located in the dynamic link library AANPDLL_0504.dll


  • Find out what version the mother engine is running. This can be found by 3 methods via the mother server:
    1. Open the GUI -> click on Help -> select About Argent Products
    2. Assuming C:\Argent is the path Argent products have been installed to, open the file called ‘XT_STATUS.TXT

‘ located inside ‘C:\Argent\ArgentManagementConsole‘ folder.

  • Open regedit and look at the data present for value name VERSION:



  • Copy the matching version installation package of Argent XT to the Daughter Engine or Backup Engine
  • Run setup.exe and complete the installation using the Upgrade Existing Products option