KBI 310276 Argent Exchange Monitor-Invalid Mailbox Data


Argent Exchange Monitor (Argent XT)


1 Dec 2011


Argent Exchange Monitor in Argent XT returns invalid mailbox data

The WHEN_CHANGED and WHEN_CREATED columns show NULL or “1 Jan 1970 00:00:00” values

Inactive Days and Message Count values seem to show incorrect or inconsistent values

Technical Background

Behind the scenes, Argent’s Mailbox Rules are completely different from your run-of-the-mill polling Rule

Argent’s Mailbox Rules require the Exchange server’s properties (in License Manager) to be appropriately set

For the various Account Query Methods, see http://help.Argent.com/#rul_aem_accquery


The configuration of the server’s properties in License Manager is key:

Let’s take Exchange 2007 for instance:

1. Account Query Method needs to be set to PowerShell (Exchange 2007)

2. Exchange Version needs to be set to “Exchange 2007”

3. “Enable Tracking Exchange Accounts” must be checked

4. On the Argent Main Engine, Daughter Engines and Monitoring Engines responsible for monitoring the Exchange server, PowerShell 2.0 and Exchange Client Tools must be installed

5. Any service packs applied to the Exchange 2007 server must also be applied to the Argent components that monitor Exchange — so that the monitoring libraries are on equal footing

The Mailbox Rules rely on this background querying mechanism to gather all mailbox-related data and store them into the AXM_MAILBOX table

When a Relator is executed or tested, it actually polls the AXM_MAILBOX table, it does not do an actual real-time query against the Exchange server

Thus, the mechanism above is the first place to check and troubleshoot from