KBI 310278 Perf Relator Timeout


Argent XT – All versions


8 Dec 2011


Suspected Network Or Rights Issues Connecting To Remote Server For Performance Rules

Technical Background

Performance Relator comes back with the following error in trace log:

Rule Testing Trace Logs:

ERROR STATUS (exit code: 30) for child process of performance Rule


From the central machine running Argent, start PerfMon and remotely access the remote machine CPU counter.

Generally an error will occur.

Argent uses the same APIs as PerfMon to remotely access a remote machine’s performance counters.


The most common causes, in order of likelihood are:

  1. Remote Registry service (“RemoteRegistry“) is stalled (but shows “Started” in SCM control panel)
  2. Remote Registry service (“RemoteRegistry“) is stopped
  3. Remote machine lacks rights

For the first case, stop and restart the service.

For the second case, start the service.

For the third case, add the required permissions and rights.