KBI 310331 No Result Is Returned From ARGSOFT_VM_SETUP_HELPER.EXE


Argent for VMware — All Versions


19 Dec 2012


When setting up credentials to access vCenter, Argent for VMware returns the following when testing the connection:

No result is returned from ARGSOFT_VM_SETUP_HELPER.EXE

Similarly, if the credentials are tested within the License Manager, the “Test Connectivity” returns:

***NOT ACCESSIBLE*** No result is returned from ARGSOFT_VM_SETUP_HELPER.EXE

Technical Background

VMware’s PowerCLI and PowerShell use XML and HTTP/HTTPS requests

Certain symbols reserved for XML and HTTP/HTTPS cannot be used in fields such as the Logon and Password

The ‘ampersand’ (&) character is an illegal character and should not be used, and similarly the caret (^) and round brackets are not allowed

When these illegal characters are present, remote PowerCLI’s return XML strings or HTTP requests become invalid, causing no result to be returned


Create an account with access to vCenter using a password that do not contain an ampersand