KBI 310337 Argent Sentry Ultra Returns Bad Rule For Newly Licensed URL


Argent Sentry Ultra 3.1A-1204-A


8 Nov 2012


In Argent Sentry Ultra 3.1A-1204-A, production RELATOR can return BAD RULE error for newly licensed URL.

Technical Background

In monitoring engine log, it shows line like following:

25 Oct 2012 09:04:54.291 QWP2129 VIOLA\svc_argentmonitoring 00719 Unexpected string to parse ………… “

25 Oct 2012 09:04:54.306 QWP2129 VIOLA\svc_argentmonitoring 01714 *** ERROR *** Bad Parse F=TestWebSiteResponseRule

25 Oct 2012 09:04:54.322 QWP2129 VIOLA\svc_argentmonitoring Failed to run rule ‘ASU_WS_RESPONSE_TREND_ANALYSIS’ for

server ‘Tivoli_SOAP‘ (normal)

It is coding error not handling the default value.


A workaround for this is explained below:

Go to properties of the newly licensed node, do a scanning for the Vital URLs. Save the scanning result, the URL will be monitored normally.

This has been logged as an Issue Report and will be resolved in a future release.