KBI 310737 Argent Conversion Tool Fails To Run On Argent AT Installed In Multiple Databases


Argent Conversion Tool 1310 and below


Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013


The Argent Conversion Tool requires Argent Console and all other Argent products to be installed in a single database

Technical Background

Usually all Argent AT components are installed in a single database

There is an option during the AT installation to choose different databases for different products

Thus it is also possible to install Argent Console in one database and rest of the products in other database

The Argent Conversion Tool is designed to fail in such installations

When the Argent Conversion Tool is executed in such installations, an error message is ‘Could not open ODBC table…‘ with corresponding product name

For example, the following message box is shown when migrating Argent Guardian to Argent Guardian Ultra

Argent Conversion Tool Log will report the error as ‘Could not open ODBC table


Ensure customer’s AT products are in a single database