KBI 310804 Converting Argent Reports XT to Argent Reports AT


Argent Reports – All versions


Wednesday, 22 Jan 2014


Argent Reports can be associated with both Argent XT and Argent AT installations

When Argent XT is decommissioned, references to Argent XT and its database should be removed to prevent performance issues with Argent Reports

Technical Background

Argent Reports comes with a configuration tool GUI, located at:


Of course, before using this tool, customers are strongly encouraged to make a backup of all XML files in the Argent\ArgentReports\XML folder.

After running the Configuration Tool, to disassociate from Argent XT, simply uncheck, or leave the “Argent XT Main Engine” field blank

Follow the rest of the instructions, and Argent XT will no longer be accessed by Argent Reports