KBI 311049 Many Files In PENDING_EVENTS Folder


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Monday, 18 Aug 2014


Environments with more than 100 devices that require frequent collection of Argent Predictor Data (every three minutes or less) may encounter issues with the accumulation of files in the ‘PENDING_EVENTS‘ folder

Technical Background

This issue occurs because the frequency of data collection is so high that the Argent Main Engine cannot process all the data to be inserted into the Database in time

This causes the buildup of data points and Alerts ( .EWO Files) in the ‘PENDING_EVENTS‘ folder

The ‘PENDING_EVENTS‘ folder can be found in the following path of all Argent AT Products:

X:\Argent\<Product Name>\PENDING_EVENTS


Option 1: Fine tune Rule and Relator Settings

Identify Relators that are running frequently (once every three minutes or less) and adjust the frequency and data that is saved accordingly

Some Rules may have options that save more than one data point for each poll, for example the following Service Level Agreement Rule in Argent Guardian will save one data point every ten seconds

Option 2: Enable SQL Bulk Insert

By enabling SQL Bulk Insert, the Argent Server is able to offload the processing of Argent Predictor data to the Database Server

The following KBI explains in detail how to enable SQL Bulk Insert: