KBI 311324 Cannot Find JS1 File Error Is Reported In Job Log And Argent Queue Engine Log, For Jobs That Have Completed Successfully At The Argent Queue Engine


Argent Job Scheduler all versions


Tuesday, 8 December 2015


“Cannot find JS1 file” error is reported in Job Log and Argent Queue Engine Log, for Jobs that have completed successfully at the Argent Queue Engine

Technical Background

The issue occurs when ‘JobsSlot.bin’ file gets corrupted with duplicate Job number

This duplication can occur if there are a large number of retained Jobs and the ‘Job Number Wraps After’ is set too low — the first and second Job 1234 corrupt the jobs’ file

The ‘JobsSlot.bin’ is master list of Jobs to be processed

A ‘J_nnnnnnn.JS1’ file is an image of single Job slot and represents a Job to be executed

A ‘J_nnnnnnn.JS2’ file is also an image of a single Job slot and represents the result of a Job

The ‘.JS1’ and ‘.JS2’ files are used in Argent Job Scheduler as a signalling mechanism between ‘XS_Main.exe’ and ‘XS_Load.exe’

‘XS_Main.exe’ and ‘XS_Load.exe’ are the two main components of Argent Queue Engine which launches and monitors the submitted Jobs

The files are stored in the directory ‘\JobDef’ folder

Both ‘.JS1’ and ‘.JS2’ files will have the assigned Job number formatted into the full name

The full name of a ‘.JS1’ file will be ‘J_nnnnnnn.JS1’, where ‘nnnnnnn’ is the assigned Job number

Job number in the ‘JobSlot.bin’ has to be unique

The ‘JobSlot.bin’ will get corrupted when a duplicate Job number is created

This situation may arise when an Abended Job is retained in the ‘JobSlot.bin’ and a new Job with same number is submitted

This cause the Argent Queue Engine to undergo several restarts

Under these circumstances Argent Queue Engine will fail to create ‘.JS1’ and ‘.JS2’ files and the error “Cannot find JS1 file” is reported in Job Log

The following log lines are written when the issue is occurred:

“L6140_CheckJobSlot failed to open job slot file C:\ARGENT\QueueEngine\JOBDEF\J_XXXXXX.JS1. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.”

For Argent Queue Engine to start functioning normally it is required to delete the ‘JobSlot.bin’ file and kill the ‘XS_Main.exe’ and ‘XS_Load.exe’ instances manually through the Windows Task Manager


To reduce the probability of getting a duplicate Job number in ‘JobSlot.bin’, Argent suggests to set the ‘Job Number Wraps After’ value to 1,000,000 in Argent Queue Engine GUI as shown in the screenshot below

This value will be set as default in Argent Job Scheduler version from 10.0 1601-A