KBI 311346 McAfee Antivirus Severely Impacting Argent Engine Performance


Argent AT – All Versions


Thursday, 11 February 2016


If the McAfee Antivirus is installed on any Argent Engine it has the potential to severely impact the Argent Engine performance

Technical Background

The McAfee process ‘mcshield.exe’ is seen from the Windows Server 2008 ‘Resource Monitor – Disk Activity’ having activity for files in the Argent install directory, especially log files in the product LOGS directory,


The Argent Engine performance degrades with high Disk Usage/Activity when Scheduled Tasks increase with more production Relators due to creation of Relator Trace Logs for each server Node and Relator combination


From the McAfee Server add exclusion for the Argent Engines and the Argent install directory,

i.e. C:\ARGENT and subdirectories

Development is looking into a solution to detect such activity that potentially can impact Argent Engine performance