KBI 311455 iSeries Rules Fails With Error 551 In Argent Guardian Ultra


Argent Guardian Ultra – All Versions


Monday, 19 September 2016


Customers receive the following error when running or testing Active Job Rules on iSeries servers from Argent Guardian Ultra:

“Response:551 REJECT Error/Exception: QUSLJOB API information is not complete.

Command (JOBLIST MSGW) failed. XT AS400 Agent reported unhandled exception.

Error Text: Error/Exception: QUSLJOB API information is not complete.”

Argent has confirmed that this error occurs on the iSeries V7R1M0 operating system

However, other iSeries operating systems may also be affected

Technical Background

The API provided by IBM for Windows servers to communicate to iSeries machines cannot handle a large number of simultaneous requests

The Argent iSeries agent which is built upon this API, can become overwhelmed and unstable when Relators run multiple iSeries Rules at a high frequency, causing it to cease processing requests

The Argent iSeries agent executes Rules in threads and retrieving Job information usually requires retrieving an entire list

The iSeries ‘seize lock’ behavior in one thread likely results in a different thread receiving an ‘API information is not complete’ return from QUSLJOB


To prevent this from occurring, Argent recommends that customers add no more than four iSeries Status Rules per production Relator – though the fewer the better

Further, Argent recommends that customers run these Relators at least two minutes apart

Please contact Argent Instant Help for additional assistance