KBI 311519 Automatically Shrinking SQL Express Databases


Argent for SQL Server – All versions


Thursday, 16 February 2017


While this Argent KBI is focused towards SQL Express, the following can be equally applied well to SQL Server

SQL Express is free entry level database

The maximum size of the database is 10 GB

Ensuring the database size below maximum size is a good practice

Alerts are very critical when it comes to notify or take corrective actions

Using Argent’s Correction Alerts proactively correct issues, such as automatically shrink a database

Technical Background

Setting up Rule to check on SQL Express database size can be achived with Argent for SQL Server built-in Rule

Example of Rule from Argent for SQL Server:

Setting up Correction Alert to shrink the database once Rule is broken can be achived with Argent’s built-in Alerts

Example of Argent Correction Alert: