KBI 311691 $PSPlayer.TargetServer In PowerShell Script Rule Returns IP Address Instead Of Hostname


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Friday, 20 July 2018


The PowerShell script expects the built in variable ‘$PSPlayer.TargetServer’ to return the hostname where as it actually returns the IP address

Technical Background

The Node Properties window of the License Manager screen has an option to specify Alternate IP

This is primarily useful in connecting to servers or devices in a different domain or when the node name specified, fails to get resolved by the DNS

If Alternate IP is specified, the built in variable ‘$PSPlayer.TargetServer’ in PowerShell script Rules returns the IP address

Else, it returns the hostname


Follow the steps below to resolve the issue

  • Remove the IP address from ‘Alternate IP’ field
  • Click on ‘Connectivity Test’ button to ensure the connection can be established even without specifying the IP address

    If the connectivity test is successful, ‘$PSPlayer.TargetServer’ will return the hostname

  • If the connectivity test fails, enter the IP address back in ‘Alternate IP’ field and modify the PowerShell script to handle both IP address and hostname