KBI 311762 How To Obtain The Argent iSeries Agent LOG


Argent Guardian 8.0A-0604 and later


Thursday, 4 July 2019


To assist in troubleshooting an issue in the Argent Agent for iSeries, customers may need to obtain the service log from the target iSeries

This document describes how to view and manipulate the service log

Technical Background



The Argent Agent for iSeries service log is named LOG and resides in library ARGENT

From an iSeries command line, customers issue the following command:


An example is shown in the following graphic:

This will display the name of the current log file member as shown in the following graphic:

Depending on the specific terminal emulator program you are using, you can use a Windows cut and paste operation to save the name of the log file member

After cut-and-pasting or noting the log file member name, press command key F3 to exit the DSPPFM command

Customers can use a tool such as FTP to send that log file member

To invoke the iSeries FTP client, type the


command on an iSeries command line

In the iSeries FTP client program, the PUT sub-command should be similar to the following:

When viewed using a tool such as Windows Notepad, the log file should appear similar to the following example:

In addition, the Argent Agent for iSeries supports retrieving the log file directly from the monitoring server

This technique can be used when connectivity to the iSeries has been established