KBI 311785 Incomplete Device Configuration Backup Due To Output Page Breaks


Argent Advanced Technology 5.0A-1907-A or below


Thursday, 14 November 2019


Customers may notice incomplete network device configuration backup in Argent for SNMP

Relevant reading:

KBI 311638 New Feature: Automated Device Configuration, Backup And Archive Management Facility

(see : https://help.argent.com/#KBI_311638)

Technical Background

When a network device outputs its configuration with page breaks, it waits for human input of a keystroke to continue showing rest of the content

For example, press SPACE to show the next page or press ENTER to show the next line

This behavior is friendly to humans to avoid page scrolling; however, it becomes an issue with automation

The issue is not specific to Argent

The symptom can be identified in the License Manager Connectivity Test

The log shows

  • terminal length 0Invalid input:0
  • page break

For example

‘terminal length 0’ is a Page-Off Command parsed by Argent to make a network device output all of its configuration without a page break

Some brands and models may reject this command and return the error ‘Invalid input: 0’

The Page-Off Command is configurable in License Manager Node Properties N1_B screen


Customers should refer to the manufacturer’s user manual for the appropriate command for disabling paging for their devices and update the Page-Off Command configuration shown above

For example:

Cisco ‘terminal length 0’ or ‘terminal pager 0’ (Argent default value)
HP Enterprise Comware ‘screen-length disable’
Palo Alto ‘set cli pager off’