KBI 311931 How To Execute A Manual Rollover In Argent Job Scheduler


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Friday, 7 May 2021


Documentation of the Manual Rollover process in Argent Job Scheduler

*** Warning ***
Use extreme caution when performing a Manual Rollover

Technical Background

Manual Rollover process has three options


1. From Argent Job Scheduler GUI

2. Job > Execute Manual Rollover

3. Select All Of Today’s Jobs (From Past Rollover Time To Next Rollover Time)

a. Warning as this option will load ALL jobs even ones that have ended successfully

4. Select Partial Day’s Jobs

a. This option will load all jobs from the current time to the next rollover

5. Select Over a Range of Days

a. This option will load from a custom date and time

b. Update from field

c. Update to field

6. To disable Automatic Rollover if neccessary

a. Settings > Configuration Options > Rollover & Arching

b. Select Do NOT Do Automatic Rollover