KBI 311952 Issue Addressed: Argent Commander Fails To Remove Node From Monitoring Groups


Argent Commander 5.0A-2103-A and below


Monday, 8 November 2021


Argent Commander fails to remove nodes from Monitoring Groups

Technical Background

While deleting a node from Argent Commander CMDB-X, orphan record gets created.

This is because the node was not getting deleted from the Monitoring Groups, where it is specified.

This happens only when deleting the last defined Node in a Monitoring Group.

So, from Argent Global Manager, when the user tries to save a Relator in which the particular Monitoring Group is specified, they will get a “No Access Right” message

Issue happens while doing the following steps:

1. Save a Monitoring Group from Argent Global Manager

2. From Argent Commander CMDB-X delete the last defined node in that Monitoring Group

After deleting the node from Argent Commander CMDB-X, an Orphan record of that deleted Node will be created

The deleted node reference will not get removed from that Monitoring group

And the reference of the deleted Node will be listed inside the Relator also, which uses that particular Monitoring Group

3. Login as a non admin user and try to save a Relator with that particular Monitoring Group specified in it.

“No Access Right” message will appear when a user tries to save a Relator with that Monitoring Group specified in it

This was a coding issue in Argent Commander and now addressed.


Upgrade to Argent Commander 5.0A-2111-A or above