KBI 312006 How To Change IP Addresses For Wireless Access Points


Argent for SNMP — All Versions


Thursday, 11 August 2022


Changing IP addresses for Wireless Access points in Argent for SNMP can be accomplished in two ways

Option one is using a command line interface

Option two is using Argent for SNMP GUI

Technical Background



Option One: Command Line Interface

Run command prompt as administrator

1. Issue command “CD X:\Argent\ArgentForSNMP”

2. Issue command “ARGSOFT_RENAME_NODE.exe current_node_name new_node_name”

3. Review output

Option Two: Argent for SNMP GUI

1. Launch Argent for SNMP GUI

2. Go to CMDB-X

3. Right Click on device to be changed and select Rename This Server or Device

4. Enter new name

5. Click OK