KBI 220021 Service Failure Caused By Backup Software




17 Feb 2000


The Argent Job Scheduler or the Argent Batch Facility service fails and the log contains entries similar to the following.

Failed to open job database (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.)

Fatal CodeBase error is encountered when accessing table.

Service is about to shut down. Please contact Argent Software for tech support.
(Error : Opening File) (File: UISVC.cpp)

The Argent Job Scheduler service has been stopped.

Technical Background

The Argent database has been locked, or corrupted by an external source.

This is most likely caused by a backup program trying to backup the database files while they are in use.


Configure the backup program to skip the Argent DBF directory, or stop the Argent services during the backup.

Note: the Argent Job Scheduler has a backup facility, configured in the Backup Node screen.