KBI 220026 System Command Alerts Not Executing




15 Jun 2000


A System Command Alert works fine in test mode, but does not fire in production mode.

Technical Background

Typically this is caused by service account lacking the correct privileges.

(In test mode, the GUI runs the test, and thus the GUI user’s rights are used; in production, it is the service that runs the test.)

Another cause is required Environment Variables are not set.

Some programs called from the System Command Alert require access to keys in the registry, specifically the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

This can also prevent proper operation.


To diagnose a privilege issue, simply log in as the service account and run the program in question from the command line.

If the program requires environment variables, move these variables into the System Environment Settings.

Note: To avoid similar privilege or location issues while testing from the GUI, always logon as the Argent Guardian’s service account.