KBI 310371 Comparing Two Web Pages Using Argent Sentry Ultra


Argent Advanced Technology 1304-A and above


Wednesday, 24 Apr 2013


Argent Advanced Technology has been enhanced with a new rule in Argent Sentry Ultra to compare web pages

Technical Background

This rule performs line by line comparison of web page content with a licensed URL web page content. The rule breaks if the content mismatches. Both the licensed URL and the html page link needs to be specified. The URL address should be mentioned in the licensed URL object.

The address of the web page to be compared should be entered in the ‘Web Page To Compare‘ field

The lines that need not be compared must be entered in the ‘Lines to Exclude‘ section and the line numbers must be separated with commas

Following sections describes detailed step by step instructions

Step 1: Add A New URL Object To Which Comparison Is To Be Made


A fresh installation of Argent Sentry Ultra 1304-A automatically inserts a sample licensed node to test webpage comparison rule. Set the URL to test as an alias in the licensed object through Administration->License Manager. If upgrading from an old version, follow the instructions below to configure a licensed object.

Step 2: Specify The Web Page To Compare In URL Address

Step 3: License Newly Added URL Object

Step 4: Set URL To Check During The Rule Execution

For this, click on the browse button on ‘Vital URLs to Check‘.

Step 5: Download Webpage URL And Update CRC For Later Use When Executing Rule

For this, click on the ‘Sync With Web Site

Step 6: Start URL Scanner

For this, click on the ‘Start‘ button.

Downloaded web page and its size will be displayed.

Click ‘Close‘ button to continue

Step 7: Select The Scanned URL To Compare

After selecting the URL, click on the ‘Save‘ button.

Step 8: Configure The Rule

Specify the URL of web page to compare with the licensed URL object

Step 9: Configure The Relator With Newly Configured Rule And Newly Licensed URL Object