KBI 310396 Enhancement: Linux/Unix Script Rules With Option To Execute Script On A Server Other Than The Target Machine


Argent AT 3.1A-1304-L or above


28 Apr 2013


This option is useful when the target Linux/Unix machine has metrics that require monitoring from another machine.

For example, if the Target machine is a DNS server, customers may needs to know whether the DNS is functioning by resolving a name from a different machine other than theDNS server itself.

Another example is a PING — customers may want a ping to originate from a specific machine via a Linux/Unix Shell Script

Without this option, alerts and Argent Predictor data would register under the machine that executed the script, whereas customers may actually want the data to register under the DNS server or ping target instead

When the option is used, the script is executed on a designated server, but data and alerts are still saved under the original machine specified in the Monitoring Group.

The script must contain the keyword of either ‘%AGNodeName%’ or ‘%AGAlternativeIP%’ to represent the target machine within the script.

The sample rule ‘SCP_LINUX_EXECUTOR_PING’ is included for demo purposes

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Technical Background