KBI 310398 Enhancement: SMS And Pager Alert Handling For Argent Non-Stop Motors


Argent AT 3.1A-1304-L or above


28 Apr 2013


Argent Non-Stop Motors provide load balancing and failover naturally.

But there is an assumption that all motors are configured in the same way.

In case of SMS configurations, it assumes all motors have the same GSM modem attaching to the same COM port etc.

SMS support is now enhanced in two ways:

1. Assume all motors have the same configuration. In this case, the SMS messages will be evenly sent out from each motor.

When a motor is down or just the GSM modem not working, other motors can continue doing the job and splitting the load evenly.

2. if only some of the motors have GSM modems, it makes no sense letting the motor try a non-existing modem first then failing over to another motor. Instead, customers can explicitly configure the motor to NOT handle any SMS messages — as a result, the motor can quickly forward the SMS message to another valid motor to send out.

Customers can explicitly disable SMS and Pager alerts on some motors.

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Technical Background