KBI 310419 Issue Addressed: Automatic Correction Does Not Work Due To Very Long OIDs In Argent For SNMP


Issue Addressed in Argent AT 3.1A-1304-L or above


28 Apr 2013


Addressed an issue where automatic correction does not work due to very long OIDs in Argent For SNMP

The OID is saved as the comparison “COMPARE” field in the alert record

By default the event record can only hold up to 64 characters

When the OID is truncated, automatic correction does not work

The following changes have been made:

1. Comparison column is expanded to 256 bytes as minimum

2. Argent automatically maintains database columns in different tables based on the column size in the ARGSOFT_AAC_CONSOLE table

In other words, if 256-bytes is still not enough, all the customer needs to do is make the size of column ‘COMPARE’ larger. Argent will take care of everything else and replicate the change to Daughters, etc.

Technical Background