KBI 310448 Job Abend Occurs On Renaming A Job Template And Restarting The Service


Argent Job Scheduler all versions


Thursday, 2 May 2013


Restarting the Argent Job Scheduler service after renaming a Job Template having instances with statuses as Pending, Running or Cancelled, it is found that the renamed Jobs get into Abend status

Technical Background

When Argent Job Scheduler service starts, the Jobs with statuses as Pending, Running and Cancelled are checked for their corresponding Job templates and if not found, are put into Abend status

Job names are used to confirm if Job templates exist or not

i.e. If a Job is renamed and the service is restarted, the corresponding Job instance, if in any of the above statuses, is abended


This phenomenon is as per the design. If customer requires the renamed Job to be executed as per the current Rollover schedule, a Rollover has to be initiated