KBI 311137 New Feature: Event Auto Answering By SMS With Argent Alert Executor


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1501-A and later


Friday, 19 Dec 2014


Argent Alert Executor can be used to send and receive SMS messages in following scenarios:

  1. Argent AT is implemented in virtual infrastructure such as popular VMware and XenServer It is difficult to attach SMS modems to a VM

  2. Cellular signal strength is weak in server room
  3. Send SMS messages without roaming cost

The issue is that, in version earlier than and including 1410-A, Argent Alert Executor can send SMS messages, but it cannot receive the messages

Only Argent Console Main Engine can read SMS modem directly

As a result, SMS Auto Answering does not work when SMS modem is attached to Argent Alert Executor

The feature has been implemented in Argent AT 3.1A-1501-A

To implement the feature, customer should configure SMS modem at Argent Alert Executor first using local utility ‘Argent Alert Executor And Backup Console’

He should have already done so when he configured Argent Alert Executor to send the SMS messages

Customer should test SMS modem to make sure SMS modem works

Customer does so by clicking on the button ‘Test Sending and Receiving Message’

To debug SMS modem issue, FE can turn on and check SMS Debug Log before testing

If it does not work, click on button ‘View Trace File by Notepad’ to see the modem errors

The common errors include:

  • SMS is not configured – User does not have COM port specified for the modem

  • mCore library is not licensed – The library license is expiredNeed to contact Argent
  • Could not open COMx (…) – mCore library will fill in the more detailed message
  • It can be driver not configured, SIM card not registered, No network etc
  • In other words, it is hardware related issue
  • Failed to SMS Alert to xxx

    Error…It is usually caused by invalid recipient number

After SMS modem is confirmed working on Argent Alert Executor, customer can configure Argent Console Engine to use the Argent Alert Executor:

  1. Configure Argent Console Main Engine to forward SMS Alert to the Argent Alert Executor
  2. Enable Event Auto-Answering by SMS

Technical Background

Argent Alert Executor communicates with Argent Console Main Engine through Work Order

In Argent AT 3.1A-1410-A or earlier, Argent Console Main Engine writes out the request WO, and Argent Alert Executor picks it up and fires the Alert

But Argent Alert Executor does not read SMS messages, let alone passing it back to Argent Console to process

In Argent AT 3.1A-1501-A and later, SMS Auto Answering setting is centrally set at Argent Console Main Engine and propagated to Argent Alert Executors

Argent Alert Executor will read the SMS message in either SIM or memory, and pass the information back to Argent Console Main Engine as part of Work Order

Argent Console Main Engine processes the messages using the same logic as it would if messages are read locally

If anything goes wrong, it is either SMS modem issue or communication issue between Alert Executor and Argent Console Engine

First, use the local utility ‘Argent Alert Executor And Backup Console’ at Argent Alert Executor to test the SMS modem to make sure it works

If not, check if modem is attached, powered, signal strength etc

If the SMS modem works, it should be a communication issue between Argent Alert Executor and Argent Console Engine

This is easy to debug

Simply bring up Service Log by clicking on ‘View Service Log’

User should see ‘Failed to connect…’ error messages

If so, it is either firewall settings or Argent Console Main Engine is simply down


Upgrade to Argent AT 3.1A-1501-A or later