KBI 311213 Alert Fire From A Specific Argent Console Motor


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Alerts are very critical when it comes to notify or take corrective actions

Ensuring Argent Console all alerting types running fine in all Non-stop Motor is a good practice

Alerts Notifications can be in terms of Email, SMS etc, where often depend on external services/devices; especially SMS modem can be very fragile

Technical Background

Setting up Alert to fire from a specific Argent Console Motor can be archive

Instead of selecting Monitoring Engine as “{Argent Motor}” or “{Dynamic}”, select the specific Argent Console Motor

The Relator setup below shows an example of Argent Daily Check by Alerting (Email and SMS)

Example to fire from Argent Console Motor “SVA-MON03”:

Example to fire from Argent Console Motor “SVB-MON03” :

*** NOTE ***

Make sure “Use As Backup Disaster Recovery Engine” option is not ticked in Argent Console Motor Configuration (‘G4’)