KBI 311241 Enhancement: Option To Filter Jobs In Argent WorldView


Argent WorldView 1.0A-1507-A and later


Friday, 26 June 2015


Argent WorldView now provides a filter screen to make the Job filtering easier

Technical Background

Job filtering is an existing feature of Argent Job Scheduler, which has been implemented in Argent WorldView 1.0A-1507-A and later

The filter screen has 5 sections – View Mask, Queue Engine Mask, Job Mask, Job Status Mask and Date Mask – to filter the Jobs

  • View Mask

    The ‘Summary View’ option in the ‘View Mask’ section of the Filter screen provides an overall view of the Jobs

    These screens display Job name, Queue in which the Job is put into, Queue Engine on which the Job is run, the completed/total count of Jobs, last run time of its instance, next run time of its instance and the average execution time

    The ‘Completed/Total’ field shows the summary of Job instances

    For example, if it shows 2/5, which means the Job has 2 completed Job instances of 5 total instances

    Selecting the ‘Instance View’ option loads JW4 screen which lists all instances of all Jobs with its details

  • Queue Engine Mask

    This filter option lists all connected Scheduling Engines and their Queue Engines so that Jobs can be filtered based on the selection

  • Job Mask

    The Job Mask option allows to filter the Jobs based on Job Name and Job Class, with a wildcard search facility

  • Job Status Mask

    Jobs can be filtered with respect to their status like Running, Ended, Aborted, Held etc

  • Date Mask

    Specify the Start Time and End Time to list the Jobs within a specified range

    Date Mask filtering can also show the current day’s Jobs, All Jobs – irrespective of date, next instance of Jobs and the last instance of Jobs


    The ‘Show Only Next Instance Of Job’ and the ‘Show Only Last Instance Of Job’ options get enabled only in the Instance View (JW4 screen)


Upgrade to Argent WorldView 1.0A-1507-A or later