KBI 311248 New Feature:’Average Execution Time Of Jobs In Argent WorldView


Argent WorldView 1.0A-1507-A and later


Monday, 6 July 2015


Added a new column ‘Average Execution Time’ in Argent WorldView screens to display the average execution time of Job instances for the last one year

Technical Background

A new column ‘Average Execution Time’ has been added in the screens JW2, JW3 and JW4 to display the Average Execution Time of Jobs

In versions prior to 1.0A-1507-A, customers were required to check the Job Logs or the previous Job instance information in the Database to get the average execution time of Jobs

The average execution time is calculated based on the execution time of completed Job instances of the specified Job for the last one year

Example 1 – ‘Average Execution Time’ In JW2 Screen

Example 2 – ‘Average Execution Time’ In JW3 Screen

Example 3 – ‘Average Execution Time’ In JW4 Screen


Upgrade to Argent WorldView 1.0A-1507-A or later