KBI 311300 SMS Alerting Using SMS Gateways


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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


There are various challenges connecting a GSM Modem using USB to a virtual server

One alternative is to use a network connected SMS Gateway

This KBI explains the various options available in Argent AT to interface with an SMS Gateway

Technical Background



Argent can work to integrate with an SMS Gateway in one of following ways:

SMTP Interface

The SMS Gateway acts as an SMTP server and Argent sends a normal email message to the SMTP server on the SMS Gateway

This method is the easiest to setup however it relies on the email system to be up and running

Note: If the email system is down, SMS Alerts will not be sent out

COM Object

A COM Object is provided by the SMS Gateway vendor, this COM Object will contain libraries necessary to communicate to the SMS Gateway in order to send and receive SMS’s

Argent can assist in creating a VBScript Alert that uses the COM Object provided by the vendor

SOAP/Web Services

A VBScript Alert can be configured to interface with a SOAP/Web Service provided by the SMS Gateway

Note: There may be other options to interface with an SMS Gateway, if in doubt please contact Argent for a discussion about the various options available

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