KBI 311327 New Feature: Archived Jobs option In Argent WorldView To List All Archived Jobs


Argent WorldView 2.3A-R3 and later


Wednesday, 16 December 2015


‘Archived Jobs’ option has been added in Argent WorldView to list the entire previously archived Jobs

Technical Background

Archived Jobs, an existing option of Argent Job Scheduler has been implemented in Argent WorldView version 2.3A-R3

The screen lists all the previously archived Jobs of the selected Scheduling Engine

On selecting a particular entry from left tree, the Archived Jobs in the selected entry are shown at the right pane

Select ‘View Job Log’ from the option ‘Select Action’ on the right pane to get the Log file of a Job

Please see: Archived Jobs In Argent Job Scheduler for more information


Upgrade to Argent WorldView 2.3A-R3 or later