KBI 311439 Execute Commands And Start Applications Remotely


Argent AT – All Versions


Monday, 25 July 2016


The System Command Alert in Argent AT runs commands on the Argent Server

A customer may need to a start process or an application on a remote machine as part of a corrective action

This action requires Argent to execute a process on the remote server instead of the Argent Server

Technical Background

A set of Microsoft tools named ‘PsTools’ need to be used to accomplish executing commands remotely;

PsExec is used to run commands, start applications and processes remotely

Pskill is used to kill processes remotely

The ‘PsTools’ package can be downloaded from:



Navigate to Alerts -> Correction -> System Commands -> Windows, and create a new System Command Alert with ‘PsExec’ as shown below

PsExec Examples

To copy a program ‘program.exe’ to the remote system and then execute it interactively:

psexec \\%AGNodeName% -c program.exe

To start a process remotely

psexec \\%AGNodeName% c:\Application\program.exe

To start the Internet Explorer application interactively on the desktop use this command:

psexec -i -d \\%AGNodeName% “c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe”


The variable %AGNodeName% will be replaced automatically by the actual target server hostname when the Relator is executed

For more information PsExec refer to the following Microsoft article: