KBI 311477 New Feature: Copy/Clone Jobs In A Job Class


Argent WorldView 2.3A-R6 and later


Monday, 14 November 2016


Argent WorldView has been enhanced with a new option ‘Copy Job Class’

Technical Background

This feature allows to copy all ‘Job Templates’ from one Class to another Class with a new name

Jobs in the copied Job Class are prefixed with the new Job Class name

How To Copy/Clone Jobs In A Job Class

  1. Select a Job Class and then select the option ‘Copy Job Class’ from the ‘Select Action’ menu

  2. Enter the New Job Class Name

  3. New Job Class ‘MODULE’ is created and all the Job Templates under ‘SECTION_A’ are copied to new Job Class with Job Template name prefixed with Job Class name


Upgrade to Argent WorldView 2.3A-R6 or later