KBI 311556 SMS Alert Definition Test False Error On Windows Server 2016


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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Argent current supported 3G Modem for on-premise SMS Alert solution incorporates with MultiConnect ® Cell 100 Series (http://www.multitech.com/models/92506950LF#).

The modem works well overall in Windows 2016 with Argent Advanced Technology.

This KBI covers two topics.

  • Driver compatibility on Windows Server 2016.
  • Potential false error message when testing SMS Alert Definition.

Technical Background

Argent can supply customer 3G Modem for SMS Alerting Solution. Carriers in some country stopped GSM network, therefore supporting 3G solution is critical.

MultiConnect ® Cell 100 Series (http://www.multitech.com/models/92506950LF#).

As of Tue, 18 Jul 2017, driver compatibility with Windows Server 2016 description by MULTITECH is unclear. However, Argent’s test lab found it works with Windows Server 2016.

Relevant driver required is indicated below.

When working with SMS alert setup, tests are typically done at each of the following levels,

Engine Manager

“Control Information > Administration > Engine Manager > Argent Console > SMS Tab”

This is the first screen to visit after modem installation at OS level.

SMS Alert Definition

“Control Information > Alerts > Notification > SMS”

This is the screen to visit, confirm recipients’ mobile number and message body.


Any Relator contains a broken Rule with no outstanding event to trigger SMS alerts. It is a production scenario.

In rare occasion, user may find SMS Alert Definition test gives “Failed to send…” error but SMS is delivered and no other sign of error.

By inspecting the SMS_DEBUG_LOG.TXT, we have better insight on SMS handling.


The cause of false error message in SMS Alert definition test is unknown at this stage.

In our lab, a server restart resolves the issue. Further SMS Alert definition tests no longer give false error.

The expected healthy SMS Alert definition test response is shown below.