KBI 311568 Argent for SQL Server Fails To Start Monitoring Engine After Upgarde


Argent Advanced Technology Version 5.1A-1610-A or above


Tuesday, 22 August 2017


A Customer had been monitoring SQL Server 2008 machines fine for years with all matching version of SQL prerequisites installed on the Argent server.

However, after upgrading to Argent Advanced Technology version 5.1A-1610-A or above, the Relator Trace Log shows that monitoring failed due to missing SMO version 12.x

Argent Global System View shows errors with a similar context

Technical Background

SQL Server Management Object (SMO) version 12.x (included in Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Feature Pack) MUST BE installed in the Argent Server before upgrading Argent Advanced Technology to version 5.1A-1610-A or above

Prior to Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1610-A, SQL monitoring only required a matching version of SQL SMO and CLR Type as per https://help.argent.com/product-downloads/argent-at-minimum-requirements/argent-at-minimum-requirements/


Argent for SQL Server requires 32-bit SMO libraries to be installed in Argent server before upgrading Argent Advanced Technology to 5.1A-1610-A or later

The installation files are available in the Argent Advanced Technology installation package

The following highlighted files needs to be installed:

These files are available in ‘{Drive}:\_ARGENT_AT_INSTALL\SQL_SERVER’ folder

Alternatively, download from the Microsoft website: