KBI 311921 Working With Agent SMS Alert Over 4G Networks


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Monday, 12 Apr 2021


This article describes how to setup a 4G SMS Modem and Argent Console for SMS alerting

Technical Background


1. An active mobile service supporting 4G networks and SMS service

2. Healthy 4G signal coverage

3. A compatible 4G SMS Modem and SIM card supported by the Modem

Example shown in this article is based on MultiConnect microCell MTCM2-L4G1-B03-KIT

It is a global version supports broad 4G frequencies suitable for most countries

SIM Size     micro-SIM
Power Source     USB powered
Connectivity     USB Type A

Contact Argent support if unsure
Refer to manufacturer specification and local carrier to confirm supported 4G frequency Unrecognized device will be shown in Device Manager when the SMS Modem was plugged-in but device driver is missing

Manufacturer webpage for MultiConnect microCell MTCM2-L4G1-B03-KIT

Download and install appropriate driver

Example is based on Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.2.4.zip

Windows Device Manager will show the SMS Modem as a recognized device if the driver is installed correctly

Confirm modem connectivity by Query Modem in the Device Properties screen

Take note on COM Port number, example below is COM6

Maximum Port Speed is default at 115,200

These values will be used in Argent Console configuration later

Unplug the Modem. Then insert a SIM card to the Modem

Reconnect the Modem. Good signal will be shown as LED status as below

LS     Flash about once per second
SIM     ON
Signal     ON (Excellent) / Fast Flashing (Good) / Slow Flashing (Fair)
LTE     ON

Additional LED status details (optional)

Re-confirm device properties for COM Port number

COM port should remain unchanged if it is connected to the same USB port

Open Argent Console

Control Information > Administration > Engine Manager > Argent Console > SMS (tab)

Enter appropriate values under Communication Settings and Other Settings

For example

COM Port     COM6 (as per device properties)
Baud Rate     115,200 (as per device properties)
PIN     Only if PIN is enabled on the SIM card
SMSC     Stands for SMS Center Number. It is subject to local carrier
Send Delay     3
Send Retry     1
Timeout     30

Successful Test Sending And Receiving Message will show dialog as below

Upon test SMS arrival, Argent is now ready for SMS Alerting over 4G networks

Customer will need to assign SMS Alert Definition to Relator to receive SMS Alert

Contact Argent support if unsure