KBI 311985 Issue Addressed: Could Not Backup Configuration for Some HP ProCurve Switches


Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-2204-A and later


Tuesday, 19 April 2022


Argent for SNMP failed to backup HP ProCurve configuration. A connectivity test shows following result:

Argent AT 5.1A-2204-A has been enhanced to address the issue.

New property ‘Enter Key to Dismiss Banner’ is added to Licensed Node Properties.

Set it to ‘True’ for HP ProCurve switches.

Technical Background

Argent for SNMP can backup device configuration through SSH session.

Some HP Procurve Switches present a banner waiting for Enter key to dismiss after logon.

A typical banner looks like following:

(C) Copyright 2020 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
Confidential computer software. Valid license from Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Development LP required for possession, use or copying. Consistent with FAR
12.211 and 12.212, Commercial Computer Software, Computer Software
Documentation, and Technical Data for Commercial Items are licensed to the
U.S. Government under vendor’s standard commercial license.
Press any key to continue

Argent AT engine is stuck on this prompt preventing backup commend from executing.


Upgrade to Argent AT 5.1A-2204-A or later.