KBI 312009 Monitoring Your Network With Argent


Argent for SNMP — All Versions


Monday, 22 Aug 2022


Monitoring network devices with Argent for SNMP can be accomplished by implementing the following four built-in Rules:

DPT_PORT_MBPS_PREDICTOR_ONLY which monitors bandwidth

DPT_PORT_PACKET_LATENCY which monitors packet latency

DPT_PORT_PACKET_LOSS which monitors packet loss percentage

DPT_PORT_STATUS_CHANGED which checks for any status changes within switches’ ports.

Technical Background



1. Open the Argent for SNMP GUI

2. Click on Control Information

3. Expand the Rules folder and then expand the DeviceMagic: Port Rules folder


By default, these metrics should be set to Argent Predictor Only. It is best practice to leave this Rule as is.

5. Configure the DPT_PORT_PACKET_LATENCY Rule

By default, this Rule is set to alert when the packet latency is equal to or greater than 10 milliseconds.

Double-click the Rule to change the millisecond threshold.

6. Configure the DPT_PORT_PACKET_LOSS Rule

By default, this Rule has three packet loss percentage tests.

To only be alerted when packet loss percentage gets above a certain threshold, remove the low and medium severity tests and then set the threshold of the high severity test.

Double-click the Rule to adjust the percentage threshold.

7. Configure the DPT_PORT_STATUS_CHANGED Rule

This Rule will monitor if any switch’s ports have changed.

8. Add the Rule to a Relator, set the When To Run (Schedule), the What To Do (Alerts), and the test the Relator