KBI 312011 Overly Large Argent Reports Caused By Audit Policy To Monitor Change On Any Network Share


Argent Reports — All Versions


Tuesday, 30 August 2022


Argent Reports currently has a 10,000 line limit when generating compliance reports.

A few options can be carried out:

Option One: Lower the server count

Option Two: Adjust the data scope

Option Three: Adjust the ‘Maximum Lines Per Group’ option for the report

Technical Background



If the user is generating a report for production:

1. Instead of applying the report to all nodes in a monitoring group, select a few nodes per report and generate multiple reports.

2. Adjust the time range in the Data Scope section to show less events

If the user is generating a sample report:

1. Set the Maximum Lines Per Group to 500

2. Click the check-box that says Show Group Count