KBI 312017 Issue Addressed: Error Occurring When Trying To Run Built-In PowerShell Report


Argent Reports 7.0A-2104-B and below


Friday, 30 Sep 2022


In Argent Reports, an error occurred when running a built-in PowerShell report

Technical Background

Customers who are running Windows Server with .Net 4.7 installed are getting errors when running the built-in PowerShell Reports

This error occurred because of using an incompatible executable to run the PowerShell script

Argent Reports was executing the ARGSOFT_EXECUTE_PS.exe that supports only up to .Net 4.0 on a Windows Server with .Net 4.7 installed

Argent Reports have now been enhanced to support .Net 4.5 and above


Upgrade to Argent Reports 7.0A-2210-A or above