KBI 312026 Issue Addressed: When Testing The Network Share Rule In Argent for Compliance, It Displays An Error Detected Message


Argent Global Manager – All versions


Friday, 2 December 2022


Argent Global Manager displaying “Error Detected” message when testing the Network Share Rule in Argent for Compliance

Technical Background

When testing the Network Share Rule in Argent for Compliance, Argent Global Manager is displaying an “Error Detected” message

All products in Argent Advanced Technology includes a Tester ActiveX Interface. Argent Global Manager

uses this Tester ActiveX Interface for testing the Rules and Relators. The issue is happening due to an error in Argent for Compliance’s Tester ActiveX Interface, which is used to test the Rules and Relators in Argent Global Manager

This issue addressed in Argent Advanced Technology 2301-A version.


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 2301-A or above