KBI 312089 User Does Not Know What Administrative Protective Password Is


Argent Omega 2.2A-2307-A or later


Sunday, 24 September 2023


When user creates an Internal Account, or user tries to test a Correction Alert, he is prompted with Administrative Protective Password. User does not know what the password is.

Administrative Protective Password is defined on Argent Omega Generator screen (E2).

The default value is ‘Argent Omega’.

Administrative Protective Password is case sensitive.

Technical Background

The logic for Administrative Protective Password is just another security layer to protect critical operations.

For example, testing a PS Script Action might have unintended affects on machine testing against.

Let alone, creating an Internal Account with Product Administrator role will give all access to the product.


Upgrade to Argent Omega 2.2A-2307-A or later