KBI 312108 ‘Data Not Available’ Misleading Message


Argent AT 5.1A-2307-A and earlier


Tuesday, 10 October 2023


The current checkbox text on screen G26 – ‘Fail Rule If The Data Is Not Available Or Script Error’ is misleading; in future releases the text will read ‘Script Error, Or Timeout, Or No Data’.

In most cases, the script times out and thus the misleading message ‘Data Not Available’ is written; in future it will read ‘Script Error, Or Timeout, Or No Data’

Technical Background

In a heavily loaded environment a script can intermittently time out.

If this checkbox is unchecked, no Argent alert will be fired; unchecking the checkbox is a very bad idea because it simply masks the underlying issue, which in almost all cases is a script with a timeout set too low.


Correct script.

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