KBI 312152 Ad Hoc Job Did Not Kick Off After Submitting From Job Template


Argent WorldView – All Versions


Monday, 5 February 2024


Ad Hoc Job did not start in Argent WorldView after submitting.

Technical Background

Create a Job that is configured to only run one instance at a time

Submit that Job in 'Held' mode

Instance will get created successfully in Held mode

Again, Ad Hoc submits the same job from the job template without 'Held' mode. This time, the second instance will also be created.

The second instance of the Job won’t run because an older instance has already been submitted in 'Held' mode

Note: This happens when the job is configured to only run one instance at a time and an older instance of the Job is already submitted in 'Held' mode. This will effectively block future instances from running due to their configuration.


The new Job instance will execute successfully if the older Job instance that is in 'Held' mode is Cancelled or Deleted.

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