KBI 310718 New Feature: New Right Click Menu Item Show Event Detail Row And Hide Event Detail Row Added To Argent Global Manager


Added to Argent Global Manager 1310-C and above


Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013


A new right click menu item of ‘Show Event Detail Row‘ and ‘Hide Event Detail Row‘ has been added in the Events tab of the Argent Global Manager Console screen for all products as displayed in the screenshots below:

Technical Background

Right click menu item ‘Hide Event Detail Row‘ hides the Event detail row from Event list

Once the Event detail row is hidden, the right click menu has the item ‘Show Event Detail Row‘ which displays back the Event detail row

The Event detail row contains information that can be displayed as columns ‘Comments‘ and ‘Summary

If these columns are displayed in the Events list, Event details row will be hidden and the right click menu item ‘Show Event Detail Row‘ will not be functional


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 1310-C or above